Company Profile

ECOTONE SYSTEMS is one of the Leading and Exclusive Manufacturers of Acoustic Movable walls / Sliding Partitions in India.

We are committed to provide state of the art movable wall system within cost effective budgets to our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with the expertise and guidance to maximum space utilization by providing movable system with acoustic property to ensure the most viable, effective, efficient  solutions for your buildings and facilities.

Whether the project is in the design stages needing a review of Movable wall system requiring recommendations, Stacking, measurements, load calculation, , or an expert opinion, we offer our engineer’s visit at site for our services based on our expertise and experiences in movable wall system .

ECOTONE Systems has been in the Movable Wall, Sliding Partition, Fixed Acoustic partition, Movable Glass Partitions business for more than 12 years Promoting “ECOTONE” Brand and executing more than 250 projects.

ECOTONE Systems has a dedicated Manufacturing Plant in Noida , U.P. exclusively for Acoustic Movable walls and Partition Systems .

ECOTONE Systems has installed Acoustic Movable Partitions for all types of Establishments like Hotels, Resorts , Banquet Hall , Office Building , Auditorium etc.

ECOTONE Systems Provide Movable wall System up to 10 Meter height , The sliding channels and other profiles can be made with Aluminium OR Powder coated Steel Sheets.

ECOTONE aims to fulfill the gap existing between Conventional Wooden “Partitions with Floor Guide Rail” and Costly imported brands.

ECOTONE is manufactured in India with 100% Indian material from Hindalco , Jindal , SAIL, TATA, Century Ply  , Merino , UP Twiga etc.

ECOTONE is manufactured keeping in mind the stringent quality requirements, thus all the materials used in ECOTONE are in compliance to International Standards Such as ISO, ANSI etc.

ECOTONE Movable walls have extruded Aluminium Profiles as edges in Natural Anodized finish (Powder Coating of Aluminium Trims in Different Colour’s is also Possible) with 12mm / 16mm MDF as base Material Backed with Glass wool and sound damping layer for best Acoustic Rating. The panels Slides on an extruded Aluminium Track by means of Heavy duty two wheeled Steel and Nylon Trolleys.

Each Individual Panel have a retractable sealing mechanism Inside wherein, when the panels are locked  by Cranking, the Seals  Retract and locks onto the floor and track making it as Stationary Wall.

The System is top Supported only and does not require any floor Guides rails.

The Partition Panels comes in different thickness (100mm and 110mm), and Different Acoustic Rating From 42db to 50db Depending upon the Project Requirement. We can provide panels with raw MDF or any type of finish such as Veneers, White boards, Fabric, Pin-boards, Painted surfaces etc to compliment your building environment and decor.

Whether new partition is needed to create more flexibility in the working space / facility or whether enquires regarding the need, design, functioning & installation of “ECOTONE” movable wall systems are solicited.

ECOTONE is very competitively priced for the Indian market and our standard lead time for the delivery and installation of Tracks and Panels would be much less than what others would offer and so also our terms and conditions would be highly flexible, budget-oriented and customer–friendly. We have highly skilled and experienced technical teams to handle the installation and services. In fact, we have installed even complicated walls in the shortest time possible & to the client's satisfaction.

Our field engineers would be happy to meet you and to give you a demonstration of the product and site co-ordination till final handover.